Ever Changing Airport

The City of Cleveland has awarded a contract to RS&H to develop a new Master Plan for CLE. RS&H was selected from a national competitive bidding process to carry out the study.


Plan for the Future

An Airport Master Plan is a dynamic, long-term plan that provides a conceptual layout and guidance for future growth and development. It will include airfield planning, terminal planning, landside planning, other facilities and environmental considerations.


Previous Plan Update

CLE conducted a Master Plan Update in 2012. Since then, the airport has experienced significant changes in passenger traffic, operations, and industry practices.


What is a master plan update?

An Airport Master Plan is a study that follows a regimented process defined by the FAA. The purpose of the study is to identify short and long-term needs of the airport, tenants, users, and the public. The data collected is used to create a development plan forecasted over a 20-year planning horizon.

Planning takes place at a national, state, regional, and local level. It is based on overall transportation demands along with other transportation planning and comprehensive land use planning initiatives.

The Master Plan deliverables are two distinct documents; the airport layout plan (ALP) and the technical report. The ALP presents the concepts of development graphically in a series of drawings while the technical report speaks to the data and logic upon which the concepts are based.


Why is CLE doing a master plan?

In 2012, CLE conducted an update to the existing Master Plan (Circa 2000). Since then, the airport and the industry have made significant changes in direction and practices. CLE has experienced growth in recent years, with more visitors coming through the front door than ever before. In addition, CLE introduced multiple new carriers to the field and adopted changes in accordance with federal regulation. These factors, among others, led CLE to find a new direction and a plan to meet the needs of modern day.


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