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NOTICE: The CLE Master Plan Public Meeting schedule implementation has been delayed due to concerns over the corona virus. The public meeting schedule will be added at a future date to be determined.

Making significant progress on the Master Plan Study, CLE, in conjunction with RS&H, has achieved near completion of the investigative phase known as existing conditions. The data collected during this step is critical to support the subsequent phases of the study.

RS&H has finished developing the proposed forecasts of activity for CLE. An accurate prediction of activity in five, ten, and twenty year horizons is necessary to anticipate future needs of the airport. A single line is often used to show anticipated growth. However, due to the cyclical nature of the economy which may influence growth, forecasts are developed with low, base, and high case scenarios. Among the metrics are enplanements, or passengers boarding aircraft domestically and internationally, and the number of scheduled departures. The proposed forecast will be presented to the Federal Aviation Administration for approval.

Once a consensus on expected growth is established, alternative solutions to accommodate the activity may be developed. CLE and RS&H has taken primary steps in developing these alternatives with high-level brainstorming sessions based on the proposed forecasts. Once an established set of alternatives is determined, they will be share with the general public for consideration.

The Master Plan Study was underway in late-fall 2019. The City of Cleveland has worked with RS&H to conduct various meetings to successfully document what the airport is today, known as “existing conditions.” During this phase, RS&H held multiple internal stakeholder meetings to gather “as-is” information. Additionally, RS&H led two SWOT analysis sessions and a visioning session with Cleveland City Hall to build understanding and direction of the plan.

Additionally, RS&H will be conducting more meetings with external airport stakeholders, the public and city officials while simultaneously working on the aviation forecasts. Once all data has been reviewed, work on the alternatives will begin. These alternatives will offer solutions to airport issues and potential issues identified in the documentation of existing conditions and forecasting phases.

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